>1.000 kg nuts/hour
We are inspecting hazelnuts quality and sorting more than 1.000 kg per hour per system!

For leading local chocolate manufacturer we developed a custom optical sorting system for hazelnuts with throughput of >1.000 kg/h, integrated into existing processing line!

Inspection speed
>50 pcs/sec
We are checking with single system more than 50 pcs. per sec of carton packaging on quality and demages!

Our high-end inline inspection system checks 100% of carboard packaging production for damages and forming quality, at speeds of up to 50 units/second!

World Top10 gallon filling line
We are checking 5G water bottles for a contamination in one of the world top 10 water-filling facility!

One of largest HOD water filling plants uses our system to ensure purity of reusable containers after washing, in wet and ozonated environment!   

95% of market
chose Visor
95% of customers chose Visor solution for used PVC bottles counting!

95% of regional recycling centers chose Visor systems for counting or sorting used PET bottles and cans. System robustness and reliability, along with our high level of technical support has kept all of them satisfied and in full 24/7 operation, now almost a decade after first system installations.   


Machine vision is a powerful technology that enables automated and consitent control of output product or the input materials, process optimization, reduction of waste and one of most valuable effects – less customer complaints and better brand protection.

Visor is a specialist in development and implementation of industrial vision systems for various applications:

  • Verification of codes and marking
  • Cutting and yield optimization
  • Sealing and integrity checks
  • 2D and 3D optical measurements
  • Robot guidance and control
  • High-speed surface inspections

We are helping companies all over the world to deal with challenges they have in their manufacturing processes on daily basis, and for a broad range of industries:

  • Food Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Paper & Plastics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Metalworking Industry
  • Recycling Industry
  • Timber Industry

Our expert engineering team designs and develops customized inspection systems tailored to specific customer requirements. So, even if you don’t find your line of business or application on our website, feel free to contact us to discuss your unique challenges.