Paper & Plastic

Automated visual inspection automatically detects, identifies, and displays defects in papers, plastic and other materials as they are being produced. The application areas of the Machine Vision systems in the paper & plastics industry are complex because of high requirements for accuracy and complicated parts shapes. The machine vision can be used for surface inspection, shape and dimensional check, position and object detection, coat thickness measuring or for the completeness check.

Plastics molding, extrusion and conversion operations are generally high-speed processes in which manual quality control is almost impossible and same applies to continuous paper or metal sheets. Our machine vision systems can match those speeds at sub-millimeter accuracy and give our clients full confidence in the quality of their product.

Web inspection systems are critical for automating the production of materials such as glass, textiles, and foil. Using multiple line scan cameras to image the entire swath of a web and both sides of the product leverages this useful technology for maximum effect, but doing so is neither simple nor straightforward.

Many inspection tasks are realized by machine vision, because most tasks are too complex for the human eye, as it gets tired pretty fast. Nowadays machine vision takes over from the human eye. The quality control of the product, such as control of surfaces, as well as measurement and color inspection are some of the most complex tasks for image processing.

 Featured Systems


Continious Web Inspection solution
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Continious Web Inspection solution

System inspects the quality of continuously moving web like plastic foil or paper. It can detect any flaws in the material...

Bottle Mold Inspection
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Bottle Mold Inspection

The Bottle Mold inspection system is designed for 100% quality control of plastic bottles directly after they are blow-molded.
The system can inspect the bottle base and/or neck to detect...



Visor inspection systems can provide detailed information about production and inspection performance, quality control and detected defects. They can be extended with various database recording and reporting options or integrated with existing MES / QMS systems to provide an unprecedented high-level insight and a very powerful tool for production optimization and preemptive reaction.

All our solutions are based on proven and robust industrial vision and automation components designed for use even in harshest industrial environments and conforming highest hygienic standards of food or pharmaceutical industry.

We design, develop and produce fully customizable solutions, tailored for your specific requirements and production process. Contact Us to discuss your unique challenges.