Production engineering is well-placed to take advantage of a large number of vision system tools developed for other industries. As well as tolerance-checking on machined parts it is also possible to check for defects in parts such as scratches, cracks and missing/extra components.

Machine vision systems enable high degree of process automation in various segments of metal working and part manufacturing industry. Consistent, precise and automated inspection of every part on the production line ensures quality of final product and detects problems before they cause customer complaints, additional expenses or waste.

 Featured Systems


Metering Station
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Metering Station

In order to provide adequate measurement at given tolerances with high reliability, it involves high accuracy optics, large format high resolution cameras & processing software as well as some additional precise instruments. Metering station allowes precise measurements, accurate calibration & well defined positioning....

Robot guidance
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Robot guidance

Pairing vision systems with industrial robots enables automation of almost any kind of material handling process, with highest degree of system flexibility. Machine vision is the ideal tool for robot guidance, allowing visual inspection of the robot working area as well as guidance based on the detected position of a product or component. Vision systems can be used to identify the product in pick and place operations, for example using OCR, barcode reading or other visual cues.


 Typical applications

Presence check. 
Location and position control.
Surface inspection.
Type recognition
Completeness check.
Reading of data codes.
Pick and place.


Visor inspection systems can provide detailed information about production and inspection performance, quality control and detected defects. They can be extended with various database recording and reporting options or integrated with existing MES / QMS systems to provide an unprecedented high-level insight and a very powerful tool for production optimization and preemptive reaction.

All our solutions are based on proven and robust industrial vision and automation components designed for use even in harshest industrial environments and conforming highest hygienic standards of food or pharmaceutical industry.

We design, develop and produce fully customizable solutions, tailored for your specific requirements and production process. Contact Us to discuss your unique challenges.